Do you like the Life you are living? Do you enjoy it?

    Along the way, many of us tend to forget why we are here, who we really are, and what our true gifts and powers are. Losing that inner connection causes our hearts to shrink and our true colours to slowly fade. We start telling ourselves that we can’t, it isn’t true, and that sense of powerful creativity was just a childish dream.

    Yet, something inside knows that dream is meant to be, that voice is talking the truth and that feeling is real.

    Do you feel like there is so much more inside of you but you just don’t know how to bring that inner beauty and greatness out? Have you ever felt like you should be doing something else in your life? Are words like hindering, limited, overwhelmed, fed-up and stuck, familiar words in your vocabulary? Are you ready for a change in some area of your life, but you don’t really know where to start from? Have you stopped dreaming for a better life? Do you feel there is so much more inside you that is seeking expression? Do you feel that your time to shine has come and cannot be delayed any further? Are you ready to finally breakthrough and bring to the world your Younique blend of colours? Do you dare to follow your bliss?

    Is your answer to many of the above questions an unshakable YES!

    It’s not by chance that you are here. Coaching is a great way to help you unlock your potential and live a better life!

    The path of conformity is the path many people take. At the beginning, it seems like an easy path, but along the way the loads of heaviness and unhappiness becomes unbearable. There is another way, the path to your freedom, the freedom to choose to be the best you can be. At first, it seems like a hard path. The more you walk that path, the easier your steps become and the stronger you feel inside. It is not that the challenges will all go away completely, but rather you will become stronger through each one of them and you will learn to turn every obstacle into an opportunity.

    My mission is to remind you to honor your true Self, so that you can let your beautiful colours shine brightly and make the world sparkle a little bit more!


    What I offer as a Coach

    In my coaching sessions I use my sensitivity, creativity, intuition, empathy, and compassion as well as all the strategies and techniques that I have learned and implemented over the years to help others.

    My way is gentle yet firm. I really care about You and I am here to facilitate your transformation so that it will be successful and it will become your newfound strength.

    Together we will build a professional relationship based on trust and honesty. Our time together is a sacred space where I am totally dedicated to you. I also offer Coaching Sessions for Couples and Group Seminars upon request.

    As your Coach I know that you can make it, and I will firmly believe in You.

    When you have doubts, I will be there to mirror your own power back to you. I will assist you to identify and shift the beliefs that are hindering your progress so that you will be able to bring forth the changes you want to produce in your life. I will not tell you what to do; I will help you get to a position where you will clearly know for yourself what decisions to make. And I will hold you accountable for the actions you say you are going to do.

    The goals you want to achieve can be in any major area of your life, such as relationships, career, health, spirituality, or finances.

    Your energy will be freed up to allow your full expression. You will realize that every struggle can become a gift and you will gain new perspectives!

    A difficult relationship can be turned around, a health challenge can become a great teacher, a deep crisis in a life stage can become our highway to God … there are only so many problems and there are so many more solutions.

    I offer my Coaching Services in a flexible way, adjustable to every situation. Coaching is an ongoing process and it does take time for change to happen and be sustained consistently. You will determine the rate you want to work at and ultimately only you can be responsible for your own success. With your full engagement the results can be amazing!

    Your next step is for You to make a commitment right here and now, a commitment that from now on, no matter what or who, you will give the sparkle in your heart the room it needs to become an amazing light and you will create a wonderful and successful life! Are you ready to be “Younique”? I will be honored to work with you as your Coach!

    Resources hearderMy books

    I have always loved writing, and I decided to publish my books in order to inspire a larger audience.

    In my books, you will find many ideas on how to see things from new and different perspectives. They will help you to open up more and to understand how you can use anything that you experience to turn into a better person, and to team up with the loving Life force that flows in you.

    Even if there are things you don’t like or that don’t work in your life right now, my books will help you find the way to feel peace in your heart and to joyfully express the beauty that is in you!


    Book 2 cover_english

    “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” will teach you how to love and support yourself unconditionally by turning into your own best friend and feeling peace inside. Rich with powerful, practical exercises to bring you back to your inner Source of Love.
    Buy it now on Amazon or on Kindle .


    “Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities” will help you maintain a positive attitude, especially during a problem or crisis. The wisdom seeds will make your life more beautiful and more joyful.
    Buy it now on Amazon or on Kindle .


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    Who is Coach Annachiara

    AnnachiaraMy name is Annachiara Simonetti and I am a Certified Coach in Strategic Intervention with the Robbins-Madanes Training and Center for Strategic Intervention.

    I have been studying and practising disciplines such as Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Spirituality and Personal Development for over two decades.

    I have a passion for learning how to become more, and learning how to express all that we are, being true to ourselves, and bringing our best to the world. I love being able to do this while helping others become all they can be. I believe there is beauty inside every single person. I believe that each person should be what they are truly meant to be, and should find their happiness and fulfillment.

    I know through my personal experience and working with many clients that we all are resourceful beyond our wildest dreams. I have overcome many challenges in my life and I eventually learned to turn my challenges into opportunities that made me stronger and stronger, and brought me back to my true Self.

    Now I can teach You how to do the same!

    I am also an Artist at www.artannachiara.com .


    Are you serious about being coached?

    If you are, please write to me concisely, explaining what your challenges are at this point in your life, and what you would like to achieve.

    I will be in touch with you to have a 20-minute preliminary conversation to make sure that You and I are a great match to work together, and to decide what the best Coaching Package for you is. When agreed, I can start coaching you at your earliest convenience, whether via Skype or by phone.

    You can contact me at: info@coachannachiara.com

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